Website Visitor Tracking – Match your marketing message to each visitor

Website Visitor Tracking – Introducing Behavioral Adapted Marketing

Website visitor tracking and how to adapt your Website messaging to match different types of visitor.

  1. Those that are new to your site.
  2. Those that have visited a page before
  3. Those that have subscribed to your email list
  4. Those that have purchased something from your site.

Quick disclaimer – this article does contain affiliate links to products that I recommend. I only recommend products that I have used and that I think could be beneficial to your business. I receive a small commission if you click on any of the links and sign up for the product or service, but that doesn’t increase the price and may sometimes include special discounts.


If you’ve been doing online marketing for any amount of time, and especially if you’re any good at it, you know that one of the most powerful and “unforgiving when you screw it up” RULES is “Match your message to the right market”.

Some call it Market-to-Message Match.

The biggest challenge (the kind that even the best, World-class Marketers struggle constantly to overcome) is creating a marketing message that appeals to a large enough set of prospects but is ALSO NOT so generalized and average that it ends up trying to be all things to all visitors.

Unless you can overcome that, your message will just flat out fail miserably.  However, some modern marketing automation tools have features built in that allow you to automate this process.

I use Kartra, which has a feature called Behavioral Adaptive Marketing or BAM

In this example, these messages will LITERALLY CHANGE depending on who is looking at them:

And in essence, it allows your Marketing Messages, Your Offers, Your Emails, Your Web Pages, Your Videos, Your Copy, even little things like colors, button text, payment plans and more to ADAPT according to YOUR Intentions and the Visitors Behavior.

Once you learn how to use it, you just won’t want to live or market without it.

And my friends, BAM is the beginning of that shifting paradigm.

Please, carve out just 30 minutes to go through all of the training videos and read the information in this section so you can understand how Behavioral Adaptive Marketing has already statistically proven to be one of the most overwhelmingly effective technologies to come along.

All these videos show how you can build BAM into your marketing and they use Kartra as the software tool to do it.

Read on, and see how you could be easily increasing everything from your sales conversion rate, list opt-in rate, to Customer Retention, Satisfaction, and Brand Loyalty.

BAM works on the PAGE level


The first thing you need to understand is that Behavioral Adaptive Marketing in works on the PAGE LEVEL.

That means you can assign VISIBILITY to a section of content. That section of content is either VISIBLE to a Visitor, or it’s INVISIBLE to a Visitor.

That means:

  • you can have different Headlines depending on who is visiting…
  • You can use completely different copy, depending on who is visiting…
  • And Different Videos depending on who is visiting…
  • Bonus! Make the video do different things at the end of the video…redirect vs. opt-in vs. add-to-cart button…
  • Different Calls to Action
  • Different Social Proof Elements
  • Different Testimonials
  • Different PRICES
  • Different OFFERS
  • Different Payment Options
  • Different Thank You Page Destinations (Because you can have different Link Buttons or Text Link Destinations)
  • Different Footers…
  • Different Support Options
  • Different links to other pages relevant to the visitor
  • Different countdown timers
  • Exclusive “insider” content
  • Key selling points for specific demographics
  • and on and on…

Now, the next question is — how do you tell which DIVs or Sections to be Visible or Invisible when that page gets a visit?

Website Visitor tracking – Using COOKIE DROPS and TAGS.

Let’s say you add a TAG to all of your Customers that have purchased every product you have.  You name that TAG “VIP.” (As a Kartra User, you can also automate that process.)

But if you didn’t, it’s pretty easy to add a TAG to any user or set of users AFTER the fact.  So, don’t worry about missing any opportunities because you didn’t have your TAGS set up.

Even BETTER, you can actually TRACK a visitor through a web page EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT A SUBSCRIBER!!!

And that means YES, you CAN use BAM Technology on brand new, never before met surfers.

It’s awesome tech, but to summarize – the software uses Cookie Drops to TRACK where non-subscribers go!

And when that unknown surfer becomes a subscriber or customer – it REMEMBERS those actions they had from before, and they get added to that new subscribers profile.

So, this is how the magic gets done…

While you’re building your Web Pages with Kartra Page Builder, you can tell the DIV Sections that form your page what TAGS they should react to…all without EVER HAVING TO CODE.

It really is that easy!

One more time for emphasis:

Individual DIV Sections of your Web Page can REACT to TAGS that your visitors have assigned to their profile creating a unique experience personalized to them.

Start BAM with Tagging Your Prospects

BAM combines Tags and Pages to create customized marketing messages for your audience.


Working with tags in Kartra is not appreciably different than working with tags anywhere else.  So, if you understand the concept of tags, you’re 33% of the way to understanding how to use BAM.

Tags are the Triggers.

And they Trigger …DIV Section Visibility.

So, that means, another portion of the power comes from using the Kartra Page Builder.  The Kartra Page Builder allows you to easily organize your content by DIV Section, and Section Display can be Triggered by tags.

Check out this tutorial video that shows you how to build landing pages in Kartra.

So, after you drag and drop your Kartra Video Player into a section, you simply edit the “Hide” settings of the Section to show only IF a visitor has a tag YOU specify.

Once you start using tags to implement BAM, nothing will be the same!

Say a lead visits your sales page after attending your webinar. You can have a banner appear with special information for only webinar attendees. Or maybe they’ve visited the page before and on their next visit, the page shows a banner welcoming them back!

These ideas only scratch the surface…

Maybe that banner also has a coupon for that extra nudge your lead needs.

Even better, what if your lead has purchased every one of your products in the past?

You can reward them with an exclusive coupon that appears ONLY to them!

You could also HIDE things from certain leads.

One of BAM Beta Testers would add an “HN” TAG to certain customers. As it turns out, HN means “High Needs,” and she adds that TAG to certain “challenging” customers that would blow up her Kartra Help Desk on a regular basis – sometimes submitting multiple tickets DAILY.

She would HIDE the “Request Support” button for 3 minutes, but ONLY for Customers with the “High Needs” TAG, CONSPICUOUSLY leaving the Landing Page with all of the product training material (Ya know, things like the MANUAL), the latest tutorials, and frequently asked and answered questions…

Everything in a page can be custom-tailored, right down to the copy. This page shows different sets of customer reviews depending on whether the lead is an author, accountant, or life coach.

Your message will hit closer to home than ever before, and you’ll wonder how you were ever able to market your products without BAM.

MORE Personalization, and MORE conversions, without spending MORE time building dozens of pages.

Website Visitor Tracking BAM Example – Welcoming Repeat Visitors

Turn Lurkers Into Buyers!

The first chance you get to WOW your visitors with BAM is when you
welcome them back to your page.


This is a very simple task in the Kartra Page Builder that starts under the page settings. Select Tags, and set a tag for anyone who visits this page. If you don’t have a tag, no worries! A new tag can be created right inside the Kartra Page Builder.

Next, drag a section to the top which will be the welcome back banner. A single column is added inside so that a headline can be placed there with the text “We missed you! Welcome back!”

Finally, this section needs to be edited and the “Hide” settings changed to only display if a lead is subscribed to the tag created earlier. Now, if a lead visits the page, the banner will not be visible. But if they return at a later time, the banner appears!

Since the banner will appear on reload during the same day, this can be made more advanced by using expiring tags. A different tag (added on visiting the page) is set to expire after 2 days.

Under the My Campaigns area, a new automation can add a new tag after the first one expires or is removed. The Welcome Back banner is still set to only be visible to leads with the ReturningVisit tag, so two days after someone’s first visit, the page will send them a welcome back message if they return!

Website Visitor Tracking BAM Example – Niche Specific Content

Bump your conversions by adding niche targeted content for your visitors.

It’s common knowledge that your conversion rates are vastly improved when you narrow down your target audience. But in doing so, you end up with a smaller pool of potential sales! Enter Behavioral Adaptive Marketing, or BAM. When you are first gaining leads, your Kartra form can include a Custom Field that will help you speak to specific sets of your audience. Say, “What field of work is your practice?”  Or Simply “Industry” with some examples like in the example below.

Website Visitor Tracking BAM Example – Coupon Magic

Reward loyalty with custom coupons for your best customers with BAM
There are good customers, and then there are great customers; loyal customers that have seen your every webinar and purchased your every product.

These are your VIP customers, and by tagging them as such, you can reward that loyalty with hidden bonuses only THEY can see!

But this is Kartra, the automation KING! So none of them will be manually tagged. Instead, you will award points for each interaction with the customer.

  • Did they watch my video? They get a point.
  • Open an email? Point.
  • Click a link? Point.
  • Buy a Product? 10 Points.

And over time, those points add up.  In marketing jargon, this is called “lead scoring” and it’s the easiest way to keep track of and reward customer engagement.

Now for an automation! Create a point goal where a customer goes from ordinary to extraordinary. IF a lead reaches 40 points, THEN they are given the tag VIP.

With that done, you can head to the Kartra Page Builder. Here, on the sales page. You can add a section with a coupon (for 30% off a new product) which reads “Because you’re a loyal customer, here’s a coupon EXCLUSIVE TO YOU!”

By editing the section, under the “Hide” tab, I can choose to only reveal this section to those who have the tag VIP. Even better? I can delay the section from appearing for 3 seconds so it will pop out, grabbing their attention and making them feel recognized!

Website Visitor Tracking BAM Example – Post Event Followup

Use BAM to customize a sales page when you know the visitor has attended a webinar or event.

Webinar Follow-up

One of the best ways to implement Behavioral Adaptive Marketing is to acknowledge your lead’s interaction with you. If they attended your webinar, for example, customize your messages to reflect the content they’ve already seen.

Start on WebinarJam by integrating Kartra’s API under “My Account”, and “Integrations”. Now, under step 5 of the settings for the upcoming webinar, Email Autoresponder Integration set a rule that IF someone attends, THEN they are added to my list “Webinar Attendees”.

Over at the Kartra Page Builder, this section of the sales page contains content intended just for webinar attendees such as a bonus eBook download!

Click the red settings icon and edit the section to change the “Hide” settings. Here the section can be set to only show if the visitor is subscribed to my “Webinar Attendees” list.

When someone attends the webinar, they are added to the list. When the visit the sales page, they are given hidden content that thanks them for attending! BAM makes your audience feel seen, which is great for your conversions!

Website Visitor Tracking BAM Example – Conference Followup

You’ve just returned from the biggest event in your industry.  You’ve networked and schmoozed and have a hot new list of leads that are interested in your product.  Add those leads to your Kartra account with a “conference” tag.  Then, send out an email blast, thanking them for their time and encouraging them to click the link to your site.

When they click, they’ll see they are going to your normal, generic, web address.  But instead of seeing your normal homepage content, they are greeted with a completely customized site that makes references to the conference you were both at.


You can even include an exclusive and limited time offer that only attendees can take advantage of.  The special message and offer will boost their ego while encouraging them to make a purchase.


When you’re setting up the opt-in you have the ability to create automations that tag a user based on their answer to that question.

Now when someone opts in, depending on whether they answer Accounting, Lawyer, Coaching, or Author, they will be given the appropriate tag.

Now those tags can be used inside the Kartra Page Builder to custom-tailor the content!

Website Visitor Tracking BAM Example From Video: Customizing Review Content

Four different sets of customer reviews have been added here in the video. The first reviews are all related to the field of Accounting, the next Coaching, third Publishing, and, finally, a mix of all three. Each of these sections will need to be edited under the “Hide” tab to only be shown to leads with the right tag. Accounting reviews will only be shown to those who stated they work in accounting, and so forth!

The last set of reviews are reserved to be shown to anyone who has not filled out the form (I’ve set up a tag for anyone who has). Now you have covered all your bases, and the message is fit to the customer, not the other way around!

Tags Can Alter the Content on Any PageOnce you identify a niche, you can use that information to show custom content just for your visitor on any page you choose.  So if someone identifies as a lawyer, all of your sales copy can be focused on how your product benefits lawyers with some strong legal imagery alongside it.  And if a coach visits, there won’t be a gavel in sight, but rather, copy geared towards generating more coaching leads.  This makes it easy for your potential customer to understand exactly how your product will work for them.

BAM lets you provide the best support for your best customers- right there on the sales page.

While the Kartra Page Builder allows you to easily add a support button with the flick of a switch, you may want to reserve this option for those who have already purchased your product.

Here is a page made with a small section welcoming my current customers back with a button linking to my helpdesk. Back in the Page Builder, clicking to edit the section’s “Hide” settings reveals this section will only be shown to those with the tag “CurrentCustomer”.

But let’s get more granular than that!

What about customers who require a lot of attention?

These so-called “High Needs” customers can be tagged and given a different section entirely. This favorited section I’ve created links to all my help articles and videos but doesn’t show the helpdesk at all!

Instead, an alert bar is used at the bottom of the page for the helpdesk link. It’s set to appear after a 3-minute delay and, under the Hide tab again, only to those who have the tag “HN Customer”.

Now we have a page that acts as a standard sales page to potential customers, reveals help options to those who have already purchased, and encourages more ambitious customers to look over the help articles and videos before reaching out to the helpdesk!

Website Visitor Tracking BAM Example – Custom 404 Pages

Steer Visitors Towards Engagement with Customized and Highly Specific 404 Pages

It’s always a good idea to have a 404 page at the ready for when someone enters a dead link.  With BAM, you can make the 404 page customized to change based on what the visitor has previously purchased.

Someone who doesn’t have a tag will get a standard 404 page, linking them to your main sales page.


However, if someone has purchased one of your products, you can set up your page to deliver support links for that product, or say something like, “Oops! Seems that page doesn’t exist, but you may be looking for one of these links…”



As you can see, there are lots of ways you can present visitor-specific information to your website visitors using BAM technology.
This will help you provide both a better visitor experience and improve your Website conversions.
I am currently testing different techniques using Kartra’s BAM features. I will add updates on how successful they are in future articles.
If you aren’t already a Kartra user and would like to test it out, please click on the link below to enjoy a $1 trail. You may also want to check out my Kartra review, which includes links to some of my Kartra tutorial videos.

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