Evergreen Sales Funnels – How Do They Work

I read and hear a lot about people making large sums of money using evergreen sales funnels, in conjunction with Facebook Ads. AND they are doing it on autopilot.

Silent Earning is all about learning how to use sales funnels for conversion, so I set out to understand how these Evergreen Sales Funnels are working, what tools and techniques people are using and whether I could repeat their success.

Something I also noticed is that these people are primarily selling courses or programs online, which is great if you have established courses, but not so helpful if you are trying to sell something else. So I also wanted to find examples of people using Evergreen Sales Funnels for physical products and B2B services. I also wanted to see if they worked for people who don’t have a product and are primarily trying to grow their audience or email list.

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What Is an Evergreen Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a series of steps that takes someone from knowing little or nothing about your business to becoming a subscriber or customer. An evergreen sales funnel is a marketing and sales system that runs continuously and automatically.

Here is an example from Amy Porterfield. Amy has been pushing her Course Funnels to evergreen recently to avoid the work and stress of launches.

This funnel starts with a Facebook ad:

Clicking on the ad takes you to a landing page with a compelling offer which invites you to a webinar:

This page can be created in Leadpages using a simple drag and drop template. Notice that is remains on Facebook, which helps with traffic.

Clicking on “Reserve My Seat” takes you to a form where you can select a time and enter your contact details.

Even if you don’t attend the webinar, you have provided enough information to be added to an email list. Interestingly, Amy gives you the option to receive more offers from her.

Amy also adds an extra step to further qualify you, by asking about your biggest obstacle to setting up an online course. This information could be useful for future targeting or refinement of the offer. Again it is optional, but a good idea.

Make a selection and click continue and you are done. Up pops a thank you page to confirm that you are registered.

All very slick and effective and totally automated.

This is specifically designed to drive traffic to a webinar that promotes an online course, but the same steps could be used to drive traffic to any webinar.

Lets recap the steps:

  1. Facebook Ad
  2. Landing Page
  3. Registration Form
  4. Qualifying Questions (optional)
  5. Thank You Page

The webinar itself is also automated. This allows you to schedule several times to choose from and also easily offer a replay.

Amy uses Leadpages to design many of the components of this funnel. Leadpages has recently added a feature that allows you to design publish Facebook ads directly from a landing page. If you want to know more, check out my article on which explains it:

Building Facebook Ads From Within Leadpages

Business to Business (B2B) Sales Funnels

Most business to business sales involve some form of direct interaction; usually with a salesperson on the phone or in person. However, this does not mean that an automated evergreen sales funnel can’t be used as part of the sales and marketing process.

Neil Patel demonstrates this is the following evergreen sales funnel, which he uses to assess if businesses are suitable for direct marketing consultancy.

He starts with a LinkedIn ad. The logical place to find business contacts:

Clicking on the article takes you to a landing page. The visitor is free to read the article, but is also presented with an offer.

Clicking on this link takes you to a brief form. You have to add the usual contact information, but Neil has added an extra field, “What is your Marketing Budget?”

This information is what Neil and his team use to qualify the prospect. If you spend more than $10,000 per month on marketing, then you are a possible lead for Neil’s B2B marketing consultancy services.

When you complete the form, your website is analysed and you are given some useful information to improve your Google SEO rankings.

All this is fully automated and is an evergreen funnel. It doesn’t lead directly to a sale, but the result is a win for both sides:

  • Neil and his team get a pre-qualified prospect
  • The visitor gets some useful tips on how to improve their SEO.

The key to the success of B2B evergreen sales funnels lies in knowing what is likely to be of most interest to your audience and also being able to present it to that audience where they are most likey to see it, in the case through LinkedIn.

An evergreen sales funnel is a marketing and sales system that runs continuously and automatically.

Evergreen marketing is marketing that works over a long period of time, rather than just following a short-term trend.  

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